Saturday, March 18, 2017


My big, beautiful best friend Ruff is finally home. I had to steal him away from all the girls at the CARE Center. Everyone there was telling me what a big sweetie he was and I think they wanted to keep him. All I could say was Ruff was a people person in dogs clothing. And while I was standing at the front desk getting checked out Ruff was at the end of his leash trying to make new friends with a couple in the waiting area.

Here he is, along with his Super Dog cape.
He has to go back in a few weeks to get the drain tube removed and his staples taken out. I'm sure the girls will be glad to see him again.
We haven't even been home 6 hours and Ruff almost ruined the operation. Right after dinner I noticed Ruff had somehow gotten his hind foot inside the loop of the drain tube that had been sutured into his belly and came close to pulling it out. The CARE Center suggested putting a t-shirt on him but it was too short and didn't reach his butt. So I pulled out an old pair of suspenders and ...... take a look.

Notice how long the drain tube is in the above photo? That's what Ruff got his hind foot tangled in.

Here's the fix I made.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
UPDATE: Sunday, March 18th.
I found that my jury-rigged suspenders needed some tweaking. When I took Ruff outside to go potty it wasn't too convenient to unsnap the suspenders at his butt end and resnap them when he was done. So I cut off the long end of the suspenders and just clipped the short end across his butt. This way I can just slide the t-shirt up over his rear without unsnapping the suspenders. 
After he gets the drain tube removed he won't need this any more. But this is definitely better than the Elizabethan Collar the Vets gave me.

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