Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Meet the team that saved Ruff's life

First, the good news.

Dr. Michele Muldoon, the surgeon who removed the tumor from Ruff's belly two weeks ago, removed the staples in Ruff's belly this afternoon at the CARE Center and when she brought him back to me she informed me the biopsy showed the tumor she removed had no signs of cancer. While she was working on Ruffin I was given a tour of the Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator machine that Dr. Kelsey Pohlmann used to attack the brain tumor in Ruff's Pituitary Gland. 
 Dr. Muldoon, the Surgeon and Taylor Cull, referral coordinator
Notice which way Ruff always faces when he is surrounded by women.
 Thank you, Ruff, that's better.
Here's the PetCure Oncology radiology team: Kelli McSwain, the technician who operates the Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator, Dr. Kelsey Pohlmann, the radiation Oncologist who plots and plans the therapy sessions and Ruff's new girlfriend, Taylor Cull who wanted to know when Ruff was coming back so she could give him another hug. (and I got one too, after acting jealous, uh, not so much acting)
 A wider angle shot showing the table.
Kelli McSwain then described the set up of the forms that hold their patients stationary on the table while the radiation treatment is done. Kelli had all the excited demeanor of a proud parent talking about her favorite new toy.
And the control room where the technicians operate the image guided radiation machine.
My reaction to all of this was one of great hope. I had 42 sessions with a similar device last year to treat my prostate cancer. I hope Ruff's treatment becomes as successful at repairing his vision as my own cancer that was totally cured. Thanks for the tour guys.
Here's the Elekta Spark radiation machine like the one they used on me. It is so encouraging to know that Veterinary medicine is now able to take care of our beloved pets as well our hospitals can take care of us humans with such high tech tools like Image Guided Radiotherapy technology.


  1. Thanks for sharing that. It's amazing the treatments and technology that are available to our pups. Praying Ruff's eyesight is restored.

  2. Nelson, Read your latest comment on Ruff, praying that he continues getting stronger each day. How are you doing? Stay strong! Marge