Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How it all began. My addiction to Rottweilers.

The year was 1996 and our first Rottweiler girl Mo was almost 9 months old when all of a sudden we acquired both of her parents. The addition of two more adult Rottweilers and our little house was bursting at the seams and overflowing with love. Mo's mother Felony and Mo's father Nikko had been orphaned and became part of our family. And I became hooked on this wonderful breed for life. The first thing I learned was they were people dogs. They went wherever the people went. They followed us everywhere. We were their best friends and they wanted us to know it. And they loved their new Mom more than anything. In the basement rec room laying on the couch with Mom in the middle Nikko and Felony often competed against each other for Mom's affection while baby Mocha lays on the floor. Let the pictures tell the story.

My wife Jacqueline was responsible for taking in Mo's parents after our daughter on Long Island called and said she had to move and couldn't take them with her. So while I was going to work every day my fearless spouse gets into her little Ford Escort station wagon and drives 800 miles back home by herself and picks up the two adult Rottweilers. And drives back to Kentucky a few days later. Its worth mentioning that that was only the second time they had met her.

Being the practical person I was when they arrived the first thing I did was to take them both to the Vet to get spayed and neutered. Mocha had just decided to go into her first heat on the day they arrived.

Then I began a frantic search to find a home for the two adult Rottweilers. Oh, I forgot to mention that when we came down to Kentucky with Delta Air Lines transferring me to their new hub, we brought 6 cats with us and had already adopted one more after I got here. So we had a really fun time keeping everyone separated. I had to keep Mo away from her father Nikko and keep the cats away from both Nikko and Felony. My daughter had mentioned they didn't like cats. It took a short couple of months for the new arrivals to get used to each other but by then we had one big happy family. And Nikko even became best buddies with Tigger the cat.
My frantic effort to find a home for the parents ended after two weeks. I remember the day that Felony, affectionately called Felly Girl, happened to stare into my eyes with the deepest look of love I ever felt and she actually tugged on my heart. Suddenly I began to think about what I had been doing and how wrong it was. I could never break up this wonderful family. While I was looking for a new home for them my wife was telling them that this was their forever home. Maybe Felly Girl was just bringing me up to speed letting me know what everyone else already knew.
Years later I wrote a piece on my first web site The Rottweilers of Abby's World about learning what Rottie Rules were. When I started this blog I reposted some of the old stories and you can read it here on this page from Wednesday, February 3, 2010, Do you know what Rottie Rules are?
While Ruffin is on the mend there isn't much going on around here for entertainment so retelling some old stories might pass the time. They have given me many stories to write about.

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  1. I think it's wonderful that you're telling old stories! It's good therapy for you, after the loss of your beloved wife. Reminiscing is what keeps those we lose, alive in our hearts and memories.