Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ruffin dealing with new problems since leaving the hospital

Ruff came home from the hospital 3 weeks ago with an outbreak of pyoderma. It wasn't responding to the normal daily treatment of 3000mg (6x500mg) of cephalexin so 10 days ago our veterinarian took some cultures and sent them out to a lab for testing. Ruffin's lab work came back today and this nasty strain of bacterial infection was apparently resistant to the cephalexin so the vet put Ruff on new prescriptions for sulfamethoxazole-tmp 1600mg (2x800mg) and amoxicillin 3000mg (6x500mg) a day. 

Still no improvement in his eyesight but it is still a bit early according to the oncologist. The previous post about my suspicion of some return of vision proved to be false. Two days after I wrote that I had Ruff outside in front of the house and the very same person came down the street pushing the stroller and Ruff paid no attention when they passed us by.


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  1. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!