Friday, February 26, 2010

Not all of our Rottweilers enjoy the snow

Well, we had a brief end to winter a few days ago and the temperature climbed up into the 40's. This melted most of the snow but then it got cold again. Yesterday it started to snow again but we only got a dusting of a half-inch. During to snowfall it came down pretty heavy for a short time and I let the whole tribe go out on the back deck. After a few minutes they all wanted to come back in. Here is one picture of a very unhappy little girl waiting outside for someone to let her in.
I took the above picture through the glass on the storm door. Then a few minutes later Sassy was joined by her two bodyguards and they all wanted to come in. Guess it was because we were getting ready to sit down for lunch.


  1. Do you get all your rotties full grown?You have something against pups?

    1. You wrote another comment yesterday questioning my experience with pups. Maybe you should read more pages here or stop writing stupid questions.