Saturday, February 13, 2010

We have a new paperboy.

If you know about Rottweilers then you already know that they love to work and they are proud when they please their humans. My first Rottweiler was a girl named Mo and she had a job that she did every day for over 10 years. I would let Mo go out and find our daily newspaper and bring it in the house. All I had to say to her was, it's time to go to work Mo and go get the newspaper, and she would run out to the driveway and search for it around the front of our house and pick it up and carry it back. To see her search for it in the snow was a sight to behold because she knew what she had to do and didn't stop until she did it.

Here is Mo working on her own while I stood on the front steps taking the pictures.
Here is Mo walking back with the newspaper with our adopted girl Sassy.
And here is Mo carrying the paper past our then little baby Ruff showing him how to work.

Well baby Ruff has grown up and he has taken on other jobs and I haven't tried to get him to do the paperboy work, until today. When I went out this morning I noticed the newspaper wasn't in the driveway that had been cleared of snow. It was laying on the front lawn on top of some deep snow and I didn't want to get my feet wet walking out to get it, so I called Ruff and told him to get the newspaper.

Ruff was very happy with his new job and I think he will be doing this more often. Good boy, Ruff. Just like he remembered watching Mo do it.

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