Sunday, February 28, 2010

Think hard enough about Spring and it will come.

The only way to deal with a miserably cold and snowy Winter is to think about the sunshine and warm weather that the Spring will come. So then its time to play ball, just as we did last year. Here are a few pictures of my wife Jackie, the designated pitcher for our male Rottweilers Ruff and his new playmate Axl. 
 Click the pictures for a larger view.
 Here comes the first throw and Axl definitely has his eyes on the ball.
Axl brings the ball back for another toss and hands it to the pitcher.
Ruff brings his ball back for another toss while Mom dries off the ball Axl has just handed her.
Ruff says this is taking too long but Mom doesn't want to throw a slimy ball so you'll just have to wait.
Now Ruff and Axl each have their red balls so they can run around and play with each other.
Now wait a minute. What did you two do with your balls? You can't come back in the house without them.
Watch out for that rough stuff. Someone may get hurt.
Sassy does not approve of the boys playing rough so she charges right in to make them stop.
In spite of the fact that Sassy is the smallest of our Rottweilers the boys acknowledge her commands and stop playing. So now it must be time for a nap before dinner.

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