Monday, November 28, 2011

Moochers and snoozes.

Of course all they want is to share everything we have. Especially our food. I took these pictures tonight with the Nikon D40 tonight. At least Ruff wasn't drooling like he usually does.
And later this evening I took one of old man Axl snoozing on the couch while we watched TV.
And this picture was taken yesterday afternoon with the old Sony while Mom and Axl took a nap on the couch together in the family room. Even though it was only 1 PM the sky was dark with rain.
Some people ask where our third Rottweiler, Sassy, is while I'm taking all these pictures. Sassy is rather anti-social and likes to be by herself, especially if we are in the other room watching a movie like we were tonight. This is her lying on the couch in the family room all by her lonesome self. We often watch TV shows in this room and then Sassy shares the little couch with me.

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