Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday afternoon and the weather is changing.

Changing weather is right. The overnight temps are now down to below freezing and the afternoon highs are in the mid-sixty's (when the sun is shining). Today the clouds fill the sky and block out the Sun and we have outdoor temps like the inside of our refrigerator. Hense the need for a turtleneck sweater to keep Mom warm. Took this picture with the Nikon because it was getting jealous of the older Sony. Since the days before Ruff's 5th birthday last week I've taken 80-odd pictures with the Sony and only 19 pictures with the Nikon since Nov. 13th.
Here are two pictures taken last night with the Sony, one with Mom and her boys watching TV and the second of my sleeping beauty, Ruff. My wife is happy that Ruff doesn't want to lay in her lap.


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