Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Sony camera is back on the end table.

I mentioned on my old web site that I always had my camera nearby so I could grab it quickly to take pictures of my Rottweilers. The old camera was my Sony DSC-S85 digital that I replaced 4 years ago with my current Nikon D40. The old Sony wasn't very big and I used to keep it in the living room right on the end table and it allowed me to quickly take some really cute pictures. While I was waiting to record the 10,000th picture of Ruff on his 5th birthday last week, I put the old Sony back to use for a few days. Now I have decided there are still plenty of times when I need a camera close by and the Nikon is not as convenient because it is stored away in a camera bag with a flash and a telephoto lens. So here are a few shots taken in the past couple of day with the Sony of our gang of Rottweilers just being what they always are - big clowns. Hope you enjoy seeing them.
Hope I didn't confuse you but this first picture was taken at bedtime and I had carried the camera with me. Ruff was already waiting for me.
See how sleepy he looked when we turned off the television. I caught him in the middle of a big yawn after he woke up from another nap.
And here is my little girl Sassy who spends the night laying next to me on the other couch while we watch TV.

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