Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Rottweilers are going to love this.

The local weather forecast for this winter came in today with a reminder about last year's snowfall from the WCPO-TV weatherman. Its funny how a lengthy, hot and very wet Summer makes you forget what happened last year.
It wasn't until Dec. 1, 2010 that Cincinnati got its first measurable snowfall of 0.6", slightly more than a trace, with the second round of 3.2" on Dec. 4.  That got everyone's attention.  The snowmachine was just getting started.  By the end of December, The Tri-State had racked up 16.6" of snowfall.  Well above its 3.6" normal intake.  Subsequently, January 2011 also saw above normal snowfall with 12.8".

Cincinnati didn't catch a break until February and March when snowfall totals decreased to below normal amounts of 2.8".

In case you are wondering, normal seasonal snowfall for Cincinnati is 23.6" Last winter's (2010-2011) amount was more than 11" above normal at 35.2".

With La Nina making a second go-around this year, NOAA is forecasting a similar winter season to last year's. So expect more cold, wet and snowy conditions this winter.
So I guess we can expect the Rotts to begin pointing their noses to the North and sniffing the cold air for signs of more snow again. They seem to look forward to it like little children.

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