Monday, November 21, 2011

What a difference a half-second makes.

I was reminded yesterday of another reason why I bought my Nikon D40 four years ago. The older digital cameras like my Sony had a built-in delay between the time I pressed the shutter release button and the time the flash went off. It wasn't a big difference, it was only about a half-second, but here is a perfect example. My wife was smooching Ruff and I took a picture of it and then Ruff turned his head and gave his Mom a big wet kiss right on her face. I pressed the shutter release and missed the kiss but caught her reaction. That wouldn't have happened with the Nikon so maybe I'll have to start using it more often.
I guess I should have reminded my wife to keep her mouth closed when Ruff is in a kissing mood. It wasn't the first time he stuck his tongue in someones mouth.


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