Wednesday, March 6, 2013

As promised, the boys get to play in the snow.

Nobody seemed to care about the promise of Spring. The sun never came out today but the snow was still fun to play in. I do stand corrected on how much we got. While the front of the house had only an inch the backyard had about three inches. The boys didn't seem to care. Ruff and Axl enjoyed every bit of it.
Ruff was determined to get Axl to play.
Then we had to come in for lunch.



  1. Great pictures! It's so nice to watch dogs playing in the snow... simple, little things just make them so happy!

  2. Gorgeous pics! I love how happy snow can make dogs:) It was Del's first experience of snow this winter. First of all, he tried to eat as much of it as he could- he thought it was a big covering of ice cream! Then he just got really excited when he got to go outside.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pics x

    1. In most cases size doesn't seem to matter except when it comes to snow. They are just as appreciative with a small biscuit as with a large one but when we have some really deep snow they all act a lot more playful. This is very evident in Winters past - when we had a foot or more of snow.