Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bed time.

In between my last post on March 8th and today we have had a little more snow followed by a few days of rain and some cool sunshine. The Rotties continue their protests because they don't understand how much trouble is to clean up the mud they track in the house. 

Last night when I was ready to retire I walked into my bedroom and saw this waiting for me on the bed. 

What an innocent expression Ruffin has on his face. I just had to take one more picture of him. If only he would stay after I go to bed. Ruff feels he must take up the advance guard position in the hallway in case we are invaded. I still can't convince him that its my job to protect the family.



  1. He is such a cutie. I think I know why he always look so innocent - the little round brown spots above his eyes are bigger than those usually found on other rotties ;)

    1. Angela, I never noticed that because most of my Rottweilers all had them. See the newest post photos.

  2. He is just such a beautiful dog! Love that face!