Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Old Man Winter isn't done yet. Battle for early Spring continues.

Just when we started getting used to some warmer weather, we get some more snow. The storm that dropped down here from Chicago last night left a very mixed amount over the tri-state area. 30 miles North in Loveland, Ohio they had almost a foot of snow, 5 miles North of us in Taylor Mill, Kentucky they had 3 inches of snow, and in our area we got about 1 inch of snow. Well, from my experience with Rottweilers, I know they don't care about size or amounts. They're just as happy getting a piece of a biscuit as they are getting the whole biscuit. Same goes with snow. Here is Ruff getting his first look this morning.
And a little while later, Axl comes in for breakfast from the backyard.
After lunch we'll take a walk down back where they can all run around.

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