Monday, March 4, 2013

The Sun came out today and we all went out to play.

Winter has been trying hard to hang around with some unseasonably cold weather but Spring is fighting a battle to uphold the prediction made by Punxsutawney Phil that said it would arrive early. So the Sun came out today and I was given a request that I could not refuse. Who could say no to a face like this, anyway.
So I grabbed the trusty camera and we all went for a walk in the back yard. And the first thing that Ruff and Axl did was to stick their noses into the ground. I guess that we must have had a few visitors in the days and nights since their last walk. Anyone watching these two would think they were Rootweilers instead of Rottweilers.
Once in awhile someone asks me "Where is Sassy?" since most of the pictures are of Ruff and Axl.  Well, Sassy did come with us but she sat down by a tree and watched over us while the boys were exploring. Sassy is doing fine with her new diet and the Levothyroxin pills are starting to keep her thyroid and weight under control, too. I'm hoping by Summer Sassy will be able to keep up with us.


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