Thursday, March 14, 2013

The spots above their eyes.

What is that gives our Rottweilers their personalities? The way they look or the way they act? They are all quite beautiful and we feed them with loads of love and affection every day. Does the love shine through their eyes and make them look so happy? I went back through my huge collection of photos, I have almost 15,000 that I've taken since 1995, and found three I'd like to share again.

This was taken July 4, 2003 and it shows Mocha, my first Rottweiler, on the left. Nikko Bear, Mo's father, in the middle. And young Sassy, who was 6 months old on the right.
This photo was taken a month after we brought baby Ruffin home from the breeder in February 2007. Mocha never had any puppies but she was a very wiling foster mother to little Sassy and then baby Ruffin.
And this is my favorite photo and watercolor of Mo and Nikko that I had made into flags back in 2003.
It isn't difficult to see why I called this "Thief of Hearts". That's what they do.
Hey, I couldn't leave out one more photo of Ruffin, all grown up.
Or maybe two.
   Yes, I think it is the spots above their eyes.



  1. Beautiful pics :) Rotties are such a beautiful breed, I love looking at pictures of them all day.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Rachael, you can thank another one of our fans named Angela whose comment on the previous post gave me the idea for this one.

  2. Just gorgeous, Ruffin is just absolutely stunning (a close second to my handsome boy, of course :). The spots above his eyes are definitely more prominent than those you typically see. He is just stunning.

  3. Ha Ha! It's definitely the spots above their eyes that make them so full of expression and so endearing... It's something about Ruff's spots or eyes that make him particularly innocent-looking... I love, love, love ROTTIES! FYI, Nelson, not a morning goes by without me checking on yr blog to see what's new with your crew. They really do make me smile :)

    1. Angela, and its comments like these that make me want to take more pictures.