Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hopefully, a postscript on our lousy Spring weather.

This seems to never stop. The light snow yesterday all melted away in the afternoon and then overnight we had another dusting. This morning Ruff and Axl checked the deck looking for their foot prints from yesterday.
And a funny cartoon arrived this morning in an email.


  1. I totally agree - Phil needs firing! LOL!
    It's still winter in VA, too. My poor daffodils are hanging in there but now they're saying we'll have snow again on Monday. Waking up on Monday morning with snow is getting to be a very bad habit - one I wish Mother Nature would break or go to rehab, if she can't do it alone. ; )
    Happy Spring and Happy Easter to you all. xoxo

    1. Amy, we had seasonal temperatures this morning and no more snow here in the 7-day forecast. Hope this is a preview of what you'll be getting. Happy Easter to you, too.