Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day Two - err, scratch that. Make it Round Two in the battle between goliath and the midget.

Little baby Bessie has gotten both Ruffin and Axl on the run. Today, I actually heard old man Axl bark at her for the first time since we adopted him 6 years ago. And it was a loud bark when Bessie decided she was going to take on both of the big boys. Grandpa Axl may turn out to be a stern old man to be reckoned with. But back to the arena and some new pictures of this epic battle and some blow-by-blow commentary.
Ruffin is now remembering the Sassy approach to disciple training, grabbing the young pup in his mouth. But will it work? I'm sure he is aware of his own strength and won't hurt her. Meanwhile, in the background, Axl snoozes through the whole event.
The head grab didn't work. Now Ruffin is trying to scare the little puppy by making ugly faces.
Bessie responds by biting Ruff's ear. And she has some pretty sharp teeth so I'm sure that hurt.
More ugly faces from Ruff but Bessie won't stop her attacks. I sure hope Ruff remembers how to make these faces if a bad guy ever gets in our house.

And the battle ended as quickly as it started and the two fighters decided to hang out on the couch waiting for the judges to make their announcement.

And the winner of Round Two is, Bessie.


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