Friday, August 29, 2014

Our baby Rottie girl Bessie has two fathers. Reminds me of the movie, Two Men and a Baby.

It wasn't too long after we got Bessie home that the big question was answered. Can an adult male Rottweiler take the place of a mother. In our home in the last 19 years, we had Mocha adopt and raise Sassy and then Sassy adopted and raised Ruffin. And if Sassy taught Ruffin anything it was discipline. And she was a brutal teacher. And that was because Ruffin was a very slow learner. But she taught him well and Ruffin grew up to be the most lovable and respectful Rottweiler in the world.

Well now I know that Ruffin is beginning to remember his lessons.

A few hours after I brought the puppy home I had her and Ruffin outside. Ruff was laying in the grass and Bessie was attacking him with tiny bites all over his face. Instead of getting up and walking away, Ruff began to try and stop her. He raised his paw as if to hold her down but hesitated as if he was afraid to hurt her. Then he pinned her to the ground with his head and held her still. This went on for some time. I could tell by the look on his face he was trying to remember how it was done.
As for Grandpa Axl, that is another matter. In the last six years he has lived here I have never heard him growl or bark once. Last night when Bessie was climbing on him he expressed his displeasure by actually growling in a soft voice. Bessie got the message. So now I think our little girl will have two fathers to raise her.
This morning I will take Bessie to see our veterinarian for a Rabies shot and then we will start her lessons. First thing will be to get her house-broken. I have to rush her outside to pee after she gulps down some water and I'm trying to move faster before she goes.


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