Monday, August 25, 2014

We have finally filled the vacancy. Now we are three again.

Ruffin's greatest adventure finally caught on film. 

Over the past weekend I came to realize the futility of ever finding an adult female Rottweiler to take Sassy's place. I have had three people change their minds at the last minute after telling me they had to give up their Rottie girls because they had to move and couldn't take them. I can only attribute this to the ability they possess in capturing a human's heart and these owners ended up keeping their dogs. I know from first hand experience in 1996 when after only two or three weeks of trying to find a home for Nikko and Felony, the parents of my first Rottweiler. In the short time these two adult Rotts were in my home after my wife drove back to Long Island to rescue them and all the while I was setting up plans to get them adopted, they were working on me to stay. And the feeling I got one day after looking deep into Felony's eyes and realizing I could never part with them, ever. That is how Thief of Hearts began.
Our management vacancy has been filled but we'll have to wait a few years till she grows up.
Well, back to the story. Saturday night my friend Barb who works at the Kenton County Animal Shelter sent me a picture of a 7-week old female Rottweiler puppy that someone had just surrendered to the shelter. Barb knew I was looking for an adult female but decided to tell me what she had. I fell in love all over again and this morning, as soon as the shelter opened, I took Ruffin and the camera to go for a visit. I should mention that ever since Sassy passed away I have been telling Ruff I was looking for a Rottie girl to keep him company. Now I had to change this and since Saturday I've been telling Ruff he was going to be a foster-Daddy, and I also told old man Axl that he was going to be a grandpa.

Once in the door Ruffin did his usual leap up on the counter to say hello. I often write about this but have never taken a picture until now. Ruff does the same thing in every place we go.
This is one of Ruffin's favorite places and he loves all the attention he gets. But then came the big surprise when Barb brought out the little girl for him to see.
I think he likes her.
Then it was my turn. I haven't smelled puppy breath in 8 years.
Then we turned them loose in the viewing area and a few people came by to watch.
I couldn't resist adding this one, even if it was an accidental photo.
Well, after growing bored with her first encounter with the giant-sized version of herself, the little girl Rottie began to look for other things to play with. Like my shoelaces. And after that she attacked the cuff of my jeans. And she reminded me of my first girl, Mocha, back in 1995. So I think the fun is going to begin all over again.
So we left them out in the arena to play while I sat down to fill out the paperwork. And another staff member kept them company and gave Ruff an opportunity to make a new friend.
Then Ruffin gave a last kiss to our friend Barb and we left to come home.
We have to wait until Thursday to pick her up and bring her home. She needs to visit a veterinarian for her shots and surgery to get her fixed. Then she gets to meet her new grandpa.

By the way, I haven't decided on a new name for her yet. She actually doesn't have a name and I was thinking of something German like Gerta or Matty but for some reason the name Bessie keeps popping up in my head. If anyone is interested in sending a suggestion I'll post it.


  1. Congratulations Nelson! So very happy & excited for'll be kept very busy with a puppy!
    Well, my girl's name is Misha which i think suits a female rottie. Haha, i'm biased of course ;)

  2. I'm so happy for all of you! I think you ought to call her Bessie. If that name keeps popping into your mind, then it's probably the right one! My favorite horse ever was called Bessie, and she had a wonderful combination of naughtiness and sweetness -- she would go right up to the line of really bad behavior and then stop and look at me as if to say, "WHAT? You didn't think I was REALLY going to do that, did you?"

  3. Oh my word, what an adorable little girl!!! Seeing her makes me want one! Congratulations! I am so looking forward to seeing more pictures of her and watching her grow through your lens.

    Yay for puppies!

  4. OOOhhhh Wow... Puppy Breath... The best smell in the world. So Super happy for you.
    South Africa