Friday, August 29, 2014

School starts and the lessons begin.

Our reluctant foster-father Ruffin spent a quiet afternoon in the house playing with baby Bessie. And as violent as it seemed it was all done in complete silence. Not a whimper or growl or cry was heard. And Bessie seems to be as slow to learn as Ruffin was almost 8-years ago when Sassy was teaching him discipline.
Then Bessie decided it was time for a break so she went and visited her new Mom.



  1. I was so happy to visit your blog today and see the wonderful pictures of your new little Bessie. She is adorable. Can't wait to see regular updates as she grows. :) Reminds me of our Freyja when we brought her home at 8 weeks and Conan (her daddy) tried to keep her in line, although at first I don't think he knew quite what to make of her.

  2. She is just tooooo beautiful... Now I want one LOL..
    Congrats again...