Friday, August 8, 2014

Ruff loves his new headrest plus some other exciting things that happened around here this week.

Just walked into the family room last night and caught a glimpse of Ruffin dozing on the couch next to his Mom in his typical upside down position. I quietly walked out and grabbed the camera and got this first photo.
Went back to my den and dropped off the camera and when I returned to the family room Ruffin had grabbed a corner of my wife's foot rest to use for a pillow. Once more I quietly went back to retrieve the camera and got this photo.
Then Ruffin sort of woke up from all the camera flashes and raised his obviously sleepy head for a look to see what was going on.
Just as quickly, he laid back down, half on and half off the foot rest. With his eyes still open and his feet dangling in the air, he went back to sleep.
Yep, this was the most exciting thing that happened around here yesterday. (Except for the two women nurses and their evaluator from the Caregivers group who came to work on Jackie's physical therapy.)

Now on that subject I might add that while they didn't have much choice being here, though I always ask people if they are afraid of big friendly dogs, they have all enjoyed coming into our home this past month and doing their job while Ruff and Axl tried to interrupt them with sneaky kisses and constant attention. But once the two boys got used to seeing these women twice a week they soon just laid on the floor and took naps while they were here. But one of the therapists named Stephanie, came over last Tuesday and got here earlier than I expected. I was in the midst of getting my wife dressed when the doorbell rang so I quickly let her in and told her to go wait for us in the family room. When I went back to finishing dressing my wife I heard some very loud uncontrolled laughter. I called out and asked if everything was OK and Stephanie answered back, "YES, Ruffin is in my lap giving me kisses." And that was the most exciting thing that happened Tuesday.


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