Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day three. Am I expecting faster progress or is something else going on here?

An interesting observation. Someone has sent me a comment via email and said it looks like you have a rather intense management training program going on. Well, I thought the make-believe combat was part of the discipline and respect that Ruffin was trying to teach the young puppy. He seems to have remembered it well enough. But I have overlooked a major flaw in my evaluation. Mocha was the dominant female when she taught Sassy discipline and Sassy was destined to be the ruler in this household by virtue of the fact that she was the only female. When Sassy began to teach Ruffin respect and discipline it may well have been she was teaching him obedience.  So now what is Ruffin teaching baby Bessie? Is he actually teaching her respect and discipline or leadership skills? Therefore, the observation about the intense management training is probably correct.

Before I write about today's events I need to make an update on last night.

By the end of the day old man Axl and Ruffin had retreated to the safety and security of my den. (excuse the messy desk)
And baby Bessie seems to have made a new friend in her new Mom. Or is she staking out alliances with the only other female in the house? I think she just loves her new Mom.
And now for the morning session of our gladiator school - or management training class, if you like.
It simply started when Bessie jumped on Ruffin's head and pinned him to the floor. She must have learned from Ruff how easy it is to hold someone down that way.
Then showing off her courage and determination, little Bessie stares into the Jaws of Death and doesn't even blink an eyelash. Who wouldn't be impressed with that?

 Stay tuned, I'm still trying to figure this out.

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  1. Awesomeness. So glad she loves her Mommy so much...
    Am loving the commentary LOL