Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back in the house it was time for more play.

I think Ruffin is getting tired of play school with baby Bess. It all started when she got big enough to knock him down and then Ruff didn't enjoy the game any more. Bess still regards Ruff as her personal playmate and Ruff seems to regard Bess as a big pain in the neck (literally) among other things. Bess jumps on Ruff and with her weight over 70 lbs. she has knocked him off his feet on a few occasions. And Ruff complains loudly with his growling but Bess ignores it. Yet when I separate them by bringing Bess into my den and closing the door, Ruff usually lays down outside the door and waits for her. 

Speaking of bringing Bess into my den, she still likes to wrap herself around the base of my swivel chair. I am constantly trying to get her to move so she won't get hurt if the chair rolls. Then today she got under my computer table and I took this picture.
Its difficult to get mad at anything she does when she looks at you like this. That sweet, innocent face gets away with everything.

Then back in the family room after dinner it started all over again.
I forgot to mention that the play began right after breakfast. My wife hadn't even left the kitchen when I spotted these two going at it. And at one point it looked like Ruff was acting very horny and was trying to mount the little girl. Since he never done it before he seemed to be going about it all wrong.
See what I mean?


  1. Those eyes! That sweet face!

    We've had our dogs attempt to mount from the wrong end, too. I don't know what it is. Clearly Ruff's trying to show his dominance over Bess.

    1. Yeah, but they are both neutered and spayed. I wonder how Ruff is going to sort out his conflicts of interest. He's been training his new Warrior Queen to be the leader of the pack and that would not do well for any attempt at dominance.

  2. All of my dogs (male) were neutered and they all did that, too.

  3. Hahahahah, Nelson. That is hysterical. I remember my big boy trying the same. And when he did manage to get it going the right way he was about 6 inches too high off the "target"... I could not help but giggle...
    South Africa