Thursday, January 22, 2015

The cold weather is back.

We seem to be having a three-way love affair going on. My baby Rottweiler Bessie has stolen everyone's heart but especially mine and Ruff's. And she has had some cozy moments with her Grandpa Axl, too. Ruffin, on the other hand, has always been my BFF even before I knew it stood for Best Friends Forever. I have two favorite stories that I tell people about my Rottweilers, one, that my face has absorbed so much Rottweiler saliva from Ruff's kisses that I must have Rottweiler DNA and the other is that Ruff's constant kisses have helped make the wrinkles in my old face disappear. But now I must share my heart with my baby girl Bess but what makes things complicated is that Bess loves Ruff as much as I do and Ruff loves Bess the same way.

So we have minor bouts of jealousy and a little competition going on. When I show affection for Ruff Bessie butts in and wants some and when I show affection for Bess, Ruffin pushes his way in to get his share. Sometimes this leads to some silly situations. Tonight Ruffin was laying in his favorite leather chair with his head hanging over the armrest and I was sitting on the floor in front of him giving him hugs and kisses. So Bessie decides to join us and she just climbed up on the chair on top of Ruff and laid down on him. I quietly left the room to get the camera and thankfully they hadn't moved.
Now to be honest I must say I've seen Bessie do something similar when all she wanted was for Ruff to get off his chair so she could have it but tonight she definitely wanted some attention. And just as quickly as I took the above picture, Ruffin decided to give up his chair.
Which then left a smarty-pants little girl enjoying her prize.

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  1. I love how she's looking at you as if to say "What? There's plenty of room for two of us on the chair" She's so cute. She's getting so big!