Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Kiss seen round the world.

Who cares if it is a May - December romance. We also call it puppy love, for a good reason. I know that Ruff was suffering from a broken heart after his lifelong girl Sassy went to the bridge. He told me he was every day. So I began searching everywhere for an adult female Rottweiler to keep him company. My search was in vein. Adult female Rottweilers have an uncanny ability to steal the hearts of their humans and they are very hard to give up.
I know, I've told this story before but I am a romantic at heart and enjoy telling stories about love. You know the rest, on the spur of the moment I fell in love with the sweetest and prettiest little Rottweiler girl that I have ever seen and took her home. 

At first Ruff didn't know what to do with her. The only parenting skills he had were his old memories of Mocha and Sassy. So with the help of two other Dads, one human and one a grumpy old Rottweiler, we all did our best to raise a little girl. To make a long story short, we all fell in love.
I do not know who Bessie's parents were, I never got to meet them. But she is a big girl and she looks so much like Ruffin that I wouldn't be surprised if she is the offspring of one of his littermates. On the other hand, maybe what I tell my Rottweilers every day is really true. I tell them that LOVE is the most powerful vitamin in the world and since they get tons of it every day maybe this is what is making her grow so big. Just maybe.

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  1. It's funny because I've often thought there was a very strong resemblance between the two. They're all so beautiful. As soon as I hit the lottery I'm going to rescue every available Rottie out there, LOL!