Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last night at bedtime.

My three helpers had all gathered in my wife's bedroom last night, ready to help me get her into bed. At least that's the idea they gave me. Considering the obstacle course they present when trying to traverse across the floor, they could have all gathered to see if they could trip me up. No, that's not right. They just love being around their Mom and want to wish her a Good Night after she goes to bed.
They do the same thing in the morning when its time for her to get out of bed. Well Bess and Ruff do, Axl is a permanent fixture in the bedroom when his Mom is in bed. And lately, Bessie has been jumping on the bed to give Mom some morning kisses.


  1. AAAwww So cool that the babies look after Mom so nicely *HUGGS*

    (South Africa)

  2. It's heartwarming to see and hear how your Rotties look after their mom :)