Sunday, January 4, 2015

Growing, growing, growing.

First things first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BESS, you are now 6-months old. I'm sorry to say that announcement came a couple of days late.

I thought Bess had slowed down a bit on her growing but I managed to get her and me on our scale and she did increase a bit from a week ago. She is now 67 1/2 LBS. I don't know how much longer I can keep weighing her at home. We are both getting older. LOL. She is maintaining her 10-pounds a month growing schedule.
UPDATE 2-09-2015. I thought Bess had slowed down her growing this past month until I just read this post again. In the last month since this was written, Bessie has gone from 67 1/2 lbs to 75 lbs. OK, not quite the 10-pounds a month as noted but still growing. 
I took some new photos tonight. 
She sure does love to stretch herself out. And she is turning out to be a beautiful girl. I noticed a while back that when she goes through a growing spurt she gets very sleepy and takes a lot of naps all day long. I was measuring her weight a few times every week awhile back and saw her gain 2 whole pounds over a single weekend. Now I'm not sure if that is scientific or not but I look forward to her taking more naps.


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