Monday, January 19, 2015

Bessie has a big night out. Her first day at school.

I enrolled Bessie in an Obedience Class at a school tonight. The class is run by Angie More, a certified dog trainer who owns Amore Dog Obedience Training and is also the founder of Paws and Claws, one of the animal rescue groups who was helping me locate an adult female Rottweiler to adopt to take the place of our dear Sassy. I finally got to meet Angie last Saturday at Petsmart and she told me about her training class so I decided to check it out since a new class was starting today. 

I think it was the most exciting time Bessie has ever had. Bess loves to ride with me in the car and we have gone shopping together many times, just the two of us. Tonight we drove in the dark and it was a totally different experience seeing all the cars and trucks go by with their headlights on. We arrived at the Pawsitively Purfect Salon in Florence, KY and found it packed with dogs of all sizes. Then I learned there was a training class about to end while some people were waiting with their dogs for the next class to start.

While we were waiting Bessie was greeted by a dozen or so little barks coming from a variety of puppies of many different breeds. Not once did Bessie bark at all. I am so glad of that because she has a very loud voice. I said to one woman whose little dog was intent on meeting Bessie that dogs love to bark at Rottweilers so they can go home and tell all their friends how brave they were. Bessie was wagging her little tail the whole time so I could tell she was enjoying it all.

The smallest puppy we met was a 9-week old German Shepherd and he was so playful through the entire class. When our class began it turned out Bessie was the biggest dog in the room and that is also a new experience for her. I don't know the ages of the other dogs but I think only one was older than her. 

Bessie was the best behaved dog in the room. She did many playful nose sniffs with some of the puppies but she acted like a refined lady Rott the whole time. Considering the fact she was raised by three dads and still acts like a Tomboy at home, I think we did a pretty good job. I will be taking my camera with me next week and if they let me take some pictures I'l post them next Monday night.



  1. OMGreatness Nelson.. I'm sure that was one exciting time for Bessie. I will be enrolling Duke into Puppy class after his last lot of shots (03rd Feb), I would love to see some pics of this. I can only imagine her little tail going bonkers LOL

    Flee ( South Africa)

  2. I love hearing about Bessie and her adventures. Looking forward to photos from next week's class!