Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A gorgeous day for a walk and a chance to enjoy the fall foliage.

Clear blue skies and a warm sunny day is a temptation for a long walk that's hard to resist. Combine that with an opportunity to see what Mother Nature has done with her new Autumn colors and the fact that all three of my Rottweilers were eager to go for a walk and my camera was close at hand and.... Well, here it is. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
And look who is coming with us.
The only disappointment was this was the only tree that had changed color. The Bradford Pear trees and the Gum trees have only started to turn color.
Last but not least old man Axl finally gets back to the house. Can't blame him one bit because of his age. But I think he may be in better condition than I am.
Ruff was the first one to get back to the front door. I'm so glad to see that the meds the Vet gave him yesterday have cleared up his limp. Although the walks lately have not been like they were a few years ago when he and his buddy Axl use to chase each other around the back yard. Hey, we're all getting old.

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