Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ruff and Bess went to the Vet's office today.

The past seven days have been a hectic week of doctors visits and some would be better off left unmentioned. But most of our visits to the Vet are on the good side. It has always been a treat for the Rotts to go there and I always get pulled into the place because they're in so much hurry. I try to time my visits when they aren't busy so I don't need to spend a lot of time there. Also because Ruff and Bess make such a grand entrance everyone takes notice, some smiling and some taking a few steps back. Then again, Bess is curious about any dogs she sees there. The waiting area is partitioned into three seating groups separated by a three foot high wall and Bess usually climbs up on a chair to see who is on the other side.
Maybe Ruff is starting to feel his age but I got worried about a limp he started having a few days ago. I have seen him try so hard to play with Bess outdoors but he could never keep up with her. And Bess plays hard and fast. I saw her slam into Ruff broadside one day and she knocked him clean off his feet, so I wasn't sure if he was dealing with a battle injury or the onset of old age.

The exam didn't point the finger either way. His limp was caused by some inflammation in his spine between his shoulders. I left with two prescriptions to give to Ruff for the next ten days and we'll see what happens.

On the way out to pay the bill I asked one of the tech ladies if I could put Bess on the big floor scale. I took Bess along for the ride and to keep Ruff company. When she got settled on the scale it read 94.4 lbs. A whole 3 lbs more than her last visit. Apparently Bess has decided to grow a bit more and has filled out her over-sized feet very nicely.
I took this picture in my den yesterday while Bess was posing on her dog bed. I say posing because that is not the way she normally sprawls across the bed, usually with her head laying on the floor. She has turned out to be the most beautiful Rottie girl I ever had. And I think she knows it, too. She poses very well, when she knows the camera is pointed at her.

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  1. She really is a lovely girl. I hope Ruff's limp clears up. It's harder on the older siblings when the young pup comes along and they try to keep up!