Thursday, October 8, 2015

WOW! A whole set of pictures I forgot to post.

STORM WARNING. July 13th, when the weatherman interrupts the daily TV shows and tells everyone to get themselves to the basement, you don't stop to ask questions.
Well that may be easier said than done when you have an invalid wife and an old Rottweiler who both can't walk down the stairs. So we took the long way around and went out the front door and down the long driveway and came in the basement through the garage door. And that's where we hung out for the next three hours. It was to our good fortune that we have a nice finished basement with lots of couch space and another TV. So of course I took along my camera.
If someone hadn't just commented on my last post asking how much Bess weighed I wouldn't have discovered this set of pictures. So please notice how big Bess looks laying on the couch looking down on old man Axl. And that's our big boy Ruff scrunched up behind her.

Later on Bess decided that her Mom needed some attention.
The storm passed over us, no damage was done and we all had an exciting afternoon. 
The only problem that I can see after the fact is why did I forget to post these pictures. Is my memory getting bad? Actually, I think I know what happened. Almost all of the pictures posted this past year have been taken with the Nikon D40, my older camera. When I was moving everyone down to the basement I grabbed the new Nikon D3200 and I keep the pictures in different folders. OK, now I feel a  little better. 


  1. Ah! Yes, now I see what a big girl she is! Thanks for posting, I'm glad my comment prompted you to look for, and find, the photos!!

  2. Hello Nelson, I just wanted to let you know I had to take my most beloved Shiloh to the ER Vet at midnight. I had scheduled an in home Veterinarian for Monday October 19th but I saw Shiloh suffering more than she had over the past several nights. I feel that I shall mourn her all the rest of my life as she was the most amazing, intelligent girl and loyal to be with me right til the end. The Vet I was going to have over described Rotties as a Marine x 50, they are tough and that they are the most human of all dog breeds that she has experienced. She was very knowledgeable about them and gave insight that I never knew. I wish I had called her much sooner. Well, I wish you and you entire family all the best and may God continue to bless you. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Hello, Dolores, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Your Vet was right in describing our Rotties as the most human of all the dog breeds. That must be why so many of us treat them like a member of the family and why, when they are gone, we grieve for their passing so much more. I have never lived with just one, except those first months 20 years ago when Mocha was a puppy, but I know that I could never live without one, now. Don't leave your life empty for too long.