Sunday, October 25, 2015

An unexpected visitor came for the weekend and brought along another Rottweiler.

My daughter Karen gave us all a big surprise a few days ago and drove down from Long Island to spend the weekend with us. And Karen brought along her own best friend, a Rottweiler whose name is Boo Bear. To say the least we had an enjoyable and very exciting few days together. This is the first time we ever had four Rotties in our house at the same time.
Boo Bear is in training to become a service dog and often wears his vest and collar but for most of his visit with our three Rottweilers he was able to enjoy just being a dog. I was impressed with how calm he was coming into a home he has never been to before and meeting three strange dogs who were very eager to play with him. One of the first things Boo did was go up next to my wife Jacqueline and give her a kiss.
And during most of the quiet moments Boo spent his time laying next to Jacqueline, almost as if he realized she needed his company. This seems to be a natural inborn trait of Rottweilers which makes them wonderful companion dogs.
But except for one rainy day the weekend was too nice to stay indoors so we all went out for some play in the backyard. Boo was wearing a bandage on his right front paw because he got a small cut on one of his pads but that didn't prevent him from running with Ruff and Bessie.

Ready, Set, Go....
Now that is an action shot. And Ruff was doing a great job keeping up with the younger Rotts. His limp was all gone and he was running faster than I've seen him run in a few years.

Karen had to leave early Monday morning for her 800-mile drive home. It was a nice visit and we were glad to see her again. Now that she knows she can do this I'm sure we'll see her again soon.


  1. How wonderful! What a sweet dog and wonderful friend to yours. <3

  2. How lovely that you got to spend time with your daughter and Boo Bear.