Thursday, October 29, 2015

Love on a little dog bed.

I am used to having Bess keep me company while I work on my computer. That's why I brought one of the dog beds into my office. Since she got to be full-sized I try to discourage her from wrapping herself around the base of my chair. So I often pay no attention to her sounds while she is on her bed. She takes noisy naps and snores a lot. Yesterday, the sound of heavy breathing caught my attention. When I turned to look the little dog bed was occupied with two Rottweilers. Bess and Ruff were both on the bed and it looked like, for want of another word, they were making out. 
Normally, when Bess starts hanging all over Ruff, Ruff gets up and goes into the bathroom for some peace and quiet. That's because the little girl can be quite a pest. She loves to grab his leather collar and pull him around. The strange thing about this case is that Ruff didn't leave. So maybe he was enjoying it.
This went on for several minutes and except for Ruff's occasional look up at the camera, not quite a look for some help, the two Rotts just kept enjoying themselves. And the odd part is that since the little bed is used exclusively by Bess I have not been able to get Ruff to come in and lay on it.

It must be love. 

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