Saturday, October 31, 2015

Peanut Butter magic and love in other places.

A long time ago I discovered that Peanut Butter was irresistible to every Rottweiler we ever had. Every morning for almost 20-years, without fail, all of our Rotts have gotten a spoonful along with whatever pills they were taking at the time. While not every one of our Rotts has been taking medicine all the time they have always been given 6-7 Brewer's Yeast pills to help ward off fleas. I've mentioned that to our Vet and they seem to have heard this from others as well. I can't say there's scientific proof to support this but on the other hand, none of our Rotts have ever had fleas and none have ever worn flea collars.

The real enjoyment I get in giving them their "peanut butter pills" is the look on their faces when they get to clean the spoons. As what happened this morning when I also happened to have the camera in the kitchen after taking the picture out the window. Please note the dreamy look in Ruff's eyes as he gets the first taste.
Immediately followed by his little girlfriend, Bess.
Ruff and Bess have become inseparable. The earlier lessons in future warrior queen training that Ruff was giving the little girl have turned into a genuine love between these two. They go outside together and hang out together as I often see looking out the kitchen window. So I put the telephoto lens on the camera and grabbed this shot this morning of the two of them sitting side by side at the far end of the pool.
Around the house, day and night, but what seems mostly while I'm watching the television, my companions are always engaged in playful contact. And as a few pictures show, they seem oblivious to old man Axl who may be laying nearby.

Love is a beautiful thing to see. And I am so glad that Ruff has found a new companion to take the place of his first love, Sassy. He doesn't get to play with Axl very much any more because the old man has trouble moving around. 


  1. My Rotties love peanut butter, too!

  2. I love your blog and i will recommend this blog to my friends :) Can i ask where that Mo name coming from? Mo has been a very smart and pretty dog :D Me and my girlfriend have a Rottweiler puppy born on august 2015 :) His name is Roki. We also startted do blog and I want to thank you! cause you gave us a alot inspiration! Creetings from finland.

    1. Mo was short for Mocha. I noticed a lot of dogs with names beginning with "M" and just picked Mocha.

    2. Send me the URL for your blog and I will post it here.

    3. Thank you for your reply :)
      Here is his blog:

    4. Hello, Roki in Finland. I went to your blog and started to read about you. I love your adventures and your pictures.

  3. My Toby loved peanut butter too, but my favorite 'food' to give him was a squirt from the can of whipped cream! The brand of whipped cream that I use only has one ingredient, cream. So I figured it couldn't really hurt him. I'd get a squirt then he'd get a squirt. Too much fun! At first I gave him a couple of squirts from my hand, but when my hand got sticky, I just asked him to open his mouth and gave him a squirt right from the can. He loved it and no sticky mess!