Saturday, January 28, 2017

A little bit of snow today.

As I get older I find myself less eager to go out and tackle a large snow-cleaning project like we've had in the past. I know that my opinion on the subject is not the accepted majority in our house. Our Rottweilers love cold weather and absolutely love deep snow. But being such nice companions they never complain about the little snow we get. Even when it all melts away by late afternoon.
The look on Ruff's face seems to say: Is this all we got?
I remember the good old days when the snow was up to my elbows.
OK, Ruff, and we were all a lot younger in those days.
Meanwhile, baby girl Bess has found her favorite toy laying on the grass that she is no longer allowed to bring in the house. Why? Because she swings it around and over her head just like she does outside.
And I used to wonder what it would be like having a big dog with a waging tail. You know, the kind that could clear off a table with a single swipe.

Fear not, brave friends, the weatherman has predicted more snow for Sunday afternoon. This time I may have to clear the sidewalk myself and not count on nature doing it for me.


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  1. loved the pics of Bess playing with the "outside toy"