Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy Family: In our house 3 is a lucky number.

In our house our Rottweilers always seemed to come in threes. Three has always been the 'just right' combination, whether it was two girls and a boy or two boys and a girl. This all started way back when 20 years ago we unexpectedly found ourselves living with the Three Bears, our first baby girl Mocha and her two parents, pappa Nikko and momma Felony. The current iteration brings together three generations of non-related personalities: Grandpa Axl, age 15, Ruffin, age 10 and baby Bess age 2 1/2. What makes it all work is their shared love for each other. As I always tell people, Love is the most powerful force and the strongest vitamin in the world.
So I happen to enjoy taking photos of the three of them whenever I have the opportunity. Sometimes the best shots are missed when I find myself without a camera but manage to catch up with the continuing play fest, such as these two episodes the other day.

It all started in the hallway, which by itself presented some obstacles in choosing the right camera angles.

And ended up in Mom's crowded bedroom yesterday afternoon while she was getting a bath from one of the visiting hospice workers. This was the missed opportunity where I didn't have the camera as I watched when it started with Ruff giving his old friend Axl a whole bunch of face licks. Almost as if he was imitating what was going on behind me. And Axl seemed to be enjoying his bath as well until I got back with the camera to catch Bess getting into the game.
This much I'm sure of and while I have said they spend a lot of time entertaining us, this was all for their own enjoyment. They love each other  as much as they love us  and we love them. And that explanation also comes in threes.

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