Saturday, January 21, 2017

Now we have a problem with Ruffin's eyes.

The Vet spotted some cloudiness in Ruff's eyes on his last exam but it seems the problem has gotten serious enough to get him to see an Ophthalmologist. I am going back to see our Vet to have him sign a referral form before I call for an appointment. Poor old Ruff has also been bumping into things which tells me his eyesight needs some treatment and I hope its treatable and affordable. Somehow I doubt the affordable part when the specialist first wants a referral.

Ruff and Bess came in too visit me tonight. They seem to be traveling in pairs lately so I had to take some new photos. They both seem to be in love as you can easily see.

 You can see the cloudiness in Ruff's eyes in this first photo.

By the way, the period of mourning seems to have passed and I'm very glad it did. I saw what it did to Ruff 4 years ago when his beloved Sassy girl died.



  1. Nelson, Ruff may have cataracts,(hope not) Marge

  2. I hope everything goes well with the eye appointment!

  3. Dear Sir, I read your blog regularly to see what your adorable pals are up to. I am so very sorry for your loss. Axl was a great service dog. We also have a rottweiler & totally agree with you, there are two kinds of dogs: Rottweilers & Notweilers! Hang in there as best you can, the rest of your family still needs you to care for them, now more than ever. :) rottweiler hugs