Saturday, January 7, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

The weather outside is crazy. On Christmas day we had high 50's to mid 60's for daytime temperatures. Forget about Dreaming for a White Christmas. When Santa flew through here he had to take off his overcoat.
Two days ago we had out first snow, all of a single inch, with the temperature in the teens. Then the bottom fell out of the thermometer and we had a really cold dip in temperature. Way down to ZERO this morning. As you might already know if you live in a cold climate, Rottweilers love snow and cold air. They have some fantastic insulation that keeps them warm inside yet the snow doesn't even melt on them until they come in the house. But when the temperature gets really cold they don't care to stay outside for very long, either.

Here is a picture of baby Bess enjoying her taste of Winter this year. And it was just as cold outside yesterday as it looks.
And one more photo of the daring little girl waiting to get let back in the house. This photo was taken this morning and although the Sun was out and the sky was clear the morning temperature was ZERO. And it was so cold that the minute the inside door was opened the outside storm door got covered with frost.
Let me in.


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  1. I see that "let me in" look quite often myself! Usually it's just after I've let the little bugger out!