Friday, January 27, 2017

More about Ruffin's eyesight problem.

The news isn't good but it isn't conclusively bad. Our Veterinarian gave us a referral to go to The Animal Eye Institute and we made an appointment for last Thursday to see Dr. Haeussler who did some tests on Ruff. What initially appeared to be some small measure of good news - there was nothing wrong with Ruff's eyes - later turned out to be much more serious. Dr. Haeussler thinks there may be a tumor putting pressure on Ruff's optic nerve or maybe his brain.

The doctor put Ruff on a prescription for Prednisone and wants to see him again in two weeks to retest again and see if he responded to the steroid. If not then the next step is to have a CT Scan done to confirm and locate the tumor.
At the moment Ruff has a lot of difficulty seeing close by objects but seems to have workable vision seeing distant objects. He has no difficulty walking around outside but he has some minor difficulty indoors where he bumps into things once in awhile. And I have noticed Bess is staying closer to him then she used to.
On a happy note, Ruff enjoyed his visit to the eye doctor's office and got to meet several of the female staff. He hasn't lost his magnetic appeal one bit.

Please say a prayer for Ruff.

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  1. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for you and your beloved Ruff.