Thursday, January 5, 2017

The love is still there.

This morning while I was wheeling Jacqueline out to the kitchen for breakfast we happened to pass by old man Axl who was sitting in the family room. Axl has always shown a preference to following rather that to walk ahead but I had to make him leave the bedroom when I was pushing the wheelchair and there was no room for him to get behind us. While I tried to get him to move out of the way I stopped pushing the wheelchair right next to him. Suddenly Jacqueline extended her hand and placed it on his head. It was either that or she simply dropped her arm off the armrest. I want to believe she did it on purpose. And the two of them stayed that way for a minute or so, long enough for me to go get the camera.
She never turned her head to look at him but he stayed very still while her hand lay on his head. I am sure that somehow she felt his presence and knew he was there. And I'm sure he knew his mom still loved him.



  1. What a sweet story.

  2. Love is the last thing to go before the heart stops.