Friday, July 14, 2017

'Cow Killers' with powerful sting appearing in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Tri-State

According to WXIX Channel 19 in Cincinnati, there is a new bug in town. Its called a 'Cow Killer'. It is a type of wasp with the erroneous name Red Velvet Ant or Eastern Velvet Ant. The species ranges from Connecticut to Missouri in the north and Florida to Texas in the south. While they primarily attack on Cicadas they are aggressive and will attack dogs, too, if threatened.

A few weeks ago I brushed a bug off the back of my neck and it stung me on my finger and the pain was so intense I went to the Emergency Room. I never saw the insect but the level of pain is similar to what they say in this story. Someone also posted a comment to this saying: They have a hard exterior and make a loud noise when you are trying to kill them.

The only loud noise I heard was my cry of pain when I got stung. It was so intense I grabbed a razor knife and cut open my finger to squeeze out the venom to make the pain stop. I may have broken the wasp because part of the rear end plus the stinger was in my finger after I hit it with my hand and I read that wasp stingers don't come out like bee's do after they sting you.

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