Friday, July 14, 2017

Final night of Star Wars saga brings the moochers back.

Last night I watch Episode VI the last film from the original Star Wars saga. I also have the two new films, Rogue I and Episode VII that came out earlier this year. I have watched all of them multiple times and thought it was time to go back to the original series for another look.

Of course, on almost every night I had my two trusty moochers keeping me company. As I mentioned in my last post, it may have been coincidental that I brought along a package of crackers and some peanut butter.

Bess and Ruff were sitting in front of me trying so hard to mooch a cracker that I had a hard time taking pictures because they were so close. I did get one nice shot, though.
Someone pointed out on my Facebook page how pretty Bessie's expression was. So I went back to look over the rest of the photos I took that had other glitches in them that I didn't think were good enough to post. I cropped out a bunch of different head shots of Bess to show her different looks while she was trying to get my attention.
It reminded me of the kind of head shots used in a screen test to show different emotions. And young Bess was already showing quite a talent for them.


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