Thursday, July 27, 2017

My lunch time friends.

I just sat down at the computer with a snack in my hand and my lunch-time moochers came in to share it. Well, at least one of them did. Ruff always follows the foods sounds. Or maybe he overheard me tell Bess I was getting the camera out and he wanted his picture taken. Bess has acquired a taste for the vanilla Ensure but so have I and she only gets the last few drops.
The heat wave we suffered through in the past few weeks has gone. After several nights of thunderstorms the rain last week managed to cool things down. We had three days of sunshine in the mid 80s and another light rain last night so today we hang out together inside.

UPDATE: Thirty minutes later.
A half hour later after the preceding post, lunchtime is over and I'm sitting here listening to the gentle sounds of snoring from my two sleeping beauties. I just love this. Every bit of it.

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