Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Surviving the dog days of summer

Well, summer has finally arrived. The weather this week has been so hot and humid that I haven't let Ruff and Bess stay outside for very long. The front of my house faces East and the morning sun up to around 1PM has even gotten the metal handle on the storm door too hot to open. I had to put a towel on it it was so hot. Once I've gotten the two of them outside their black fur coats soak up so much sun you could almost fry eggs on their backs.

I don't know where the expression 'Dog days of summer' came from but it isn't very comfortable being out in it. Now that's just my humble opinion and Ruff and Bess do not seem to share it. I have to drag them back inside 'cause I'm afraid for their health and Bess just stares at me while holding her ball in her mouth. All she wants to do is to play catch with me.
The temperatures have been in the low 90's which by itself isn't too bad but the humidity has been in the mid 70's which pushes the heat index well over 100 degrees.

So what do they do all day? They hang out with me in the den taking naps.
Sorry I woke you up, sleeping beauty.
For the last few days I've been wanting to run up to the supermarket to restock the pantry but I didn't want to be outside carrying the groceries in on such a hot day. A lady on Facebook mention she likes to give her Rottweilers ice cream cones to cool them off so I took the suggestion as a second reason to make the trip to the food store. I couldn't find any ice cream cones so I picked up a couple of boxes of Klondike ice cream sandwiches. I peeled off the chocolate cookie and ate it and gave Ruff and Bess the ice cream center. Bess acted like she had never tasted ice cream before, at least with the first piece.
So this is how we survive the hottest days of the year. I don't think these two have much to complain about. The air conditioning works fine, the house is nice and cool and the ice cream is a bonus.

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  1. Maybe she never ate ice cream on a fork before? But you are right she looks rather hesitant. xoxo