Monday, July 24, 2017

Just some crazy stuff to help pass the time.

I just took Ruff and Bess out to go pee before bedtime last night and as soon as I opened the front door I noticed a frog clinging to the outside of the glass storm door. They love to eat bugs and mosquitoes so that's a good thing to have hanging around (pun intended). So here are some photos. First photo is of me on the inside reflected in the glass with the frog on the outside. Seems I need to get out the Windex and clean the glass. Second photo is the frog on the outside. Every Summer we've had a frog hanging around by the front door. I started calling it Mildew. I don't know how long frogs live so this can't be the same frogs from years past. On a few occasions the Rotts have gotten close enough to sniff them and I had to remind the Rottweilers not to bother the frog.

Taking a break in between the storms. 
This has been a week of extreme weather. Daytime temps in the 90's plus humidity in the 70's have made the heat index soar above 105 degrees. And all the heat and humidity created lots of fuel for some violent thunderstorms every night. So we stayed inside as much as possible. Bess has her own little house and she spends a lot of time napping there when she isn't hanging out with me and Ruff in the den. Her house sits in front of one of the two outside doors to the deck that we don't use. You might remember the story I wrote in September 2015 about the Rottie plush toy on top of Bessie's house.
Current Heat Index for Kentucky. (week of July 16 - 22)
How bad was the weather outside? Across the country America has had a deadly heatwave: Temperatures hit 115 degrees as authorities warn of ‘dangerous’ levels of humidity. Here is a map of Kentucky with the heat index.
One consequence of all the heat and humidity has been some pretty severe thunderstorms and heavy downpours passing by every night. Over the weekend one storm dropped 6-7 inches of rain on Bracken and Mason Counties, two of the eastern counties near us, and it caused flash floods that swept houses off their foundations and piled up dozens of cars. Story and photos here on WXIX Channel 19.
Needless to say, this is not a good time to spend outside with the crew. Their black fur coats get so hot in the sun you could fry eggs on them.



  1. How is Ruff's eyesight? Has there been any improvement?

    1. Sad to say but there has not been any improvement. Ruff has managed to find his way around inside the house and partly because I haven't moved any furniture around. Outside he is always on a leash.

  2. Gold frogs on the full moon are a sign of good things to come, keep on trucking

    1. I'll take some good fortune anywhere I can find it. Thanks for the offer.