Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Finding love in close quarters.

There is so much action going on every day in my den. I must be very popular with my two best friends. They both like to hang out with me and even come in to take naps while I'm on the computer. But this poses a problem in close quarters. Finding a camera angle to take their pictures without parts of me or the furniture being in the photo. And so many times the action was going on beneath the swivel chair I was sitting on. Not only is the right camera angle necessary but holding the camera at arms length and trying to press the shutter button with one hand at the same time while maintaining a firm grip. Here are three more examples. The third photo is my favorite but they were so close to the camera that Bessie's nose was out of focus.

Follow-up to Finding love in close quarters.
Just how close is too close? A few minutes after posting the story on Facebook I decided to go out and have lunch. But I had a problem. I was wedged in by my big guy Ruffin who was sound asleep under my chair. All I could do was turn it around to get this picture holding the camera upside down. I had to slide him away from the wheels in order to get up. Ruff was so close to the wheels I was afraid they would roll over his ears or his nose.

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  1. Lol. My baby does the same thing and I always have the same fear. Forties just can't get close enough to their humans. ❤️