Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday morning quarterbacking. The rules of the game may have changed.

Last night something unusual happened. Friendly, loveable and laid back old man Axl turned into the Grumpy Grandpa from Hell. Baby Bessie had been rough housing with Ruffin all night long, stopping only long enough to catch their breath. But all of a sudden what had been up to now like a silent movie, Bessie learned how to bark and just added sound effects to her game. Then she turned her attention on Axl, who had been laying on the floor and pounced on him. Axl did not like her new noisy behavior disturbing his peace and quiet one bit. Axl went after Bessie and let out the loudest and harshest barking I ever heard. His bark was even louder than Ruffin's and even surprised me since he's never barked before. When that didn't stop Bessie Axl actually swiped her with his snout and sent her sliding 4 feet across the floor. And then there was complete silence. Bessie was stunned by the reaction and laid very quietly on the floor. Axl had shown her that he was the boss, he had the seniority and he would not tolerate her disrespect.

Now I know that Ruffin has just been playing with her and his games were only a low key form of teaching. But Axl was not playing the same game and I think Bessie realized this. Since last night she has not attacked Axl to goad him into a response like she has been doing to Ruff. Bessie has been laying down on the floor next to Axl once in awhile, but very quietly. But she is still playing with Ruff. I have a few more pictures that were taken after the confrontation with the Grumpy Grandpa.


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