Sunday, September 14, 2014

A little angel or a little beastie or both?

I took more photos today of our little beastie wrestling with Ruffin. Aside from Bessie getting bigger and stronger, Ruff is still as gentle with her as can be even if it doesn't look that way. At no time in the last three weeks has she ever cried out so I know he isn't hurting her. Then I put Bessie in my wife's lap. The smile that came over Jackie’s face says it all. And on a few occasions I have heard Jackie talking to Bessie while she was holding her. Bessie has some remarkable traits for an almost 3-month old puppy. She can be either an angel or a little devil, but I prefer to call her a beastie since it rhymes with Bessie.
This looks like face slap or a boxing match. I wonder where she learned this.


  1. Oh! I melt every time I see her sweet little face!!!!! Bestie is a Beauty!

  2. Hhahahah,that last picture almost looks like she got the Upper hand on Ruff... And was mocking him... Awesome
    Johannesburg South Africa